About Us



Exclusive Brunch of Professionals Kick-Off Brunch Menu at Coquette Cafe in the Historic Third Ward, Milwaukee, WI

What is Brunch of Professionals?

Founded in 2015, Brunch of Professionals is an organization of women from various backgrounds who have been brought together by our love of food and our desire to transcend to new heights within our personal and professional lives. At its core, "BoP" strives to create meaningful camaraderie between professionals in an effort to support, nurture, and hone the careers of women throughout the Milwaukee area. So what differentiates us from other social and professional organizations in Milwaukee? The answer is simple - we're FOODIES! Our exclusive monthly brunches offer women the opportunity to connect with other professionals and power-players within the community, all while supporting an array of Milwaukee area restaurants, and expanding our palates with delectable eats. Our brunches are a great way to informally network with like-minded individuals who are not only hungry for brioche french toast, but also for success.


Who are the Brunch Pros?

#BrunchPros are a diverse group of women who desire to excel in their careers, grow their professional network, and empower and support women, all while exploring and uplifting the beautiful city of Milwaukee. Some of our previous attendees and #BrunchPros include HR professionals, supervisors and recruiters from Fortune 500 Companies, lawyers, medical researchers, and engineers. Whether you are just beginning your career or are already well-established, if you share the aforementioned desires, we strongly encourage you to join us at our next event. By continuing to join us at our monthly brunches, you will be well on your way to becoming a certified Brunch Pro!

Why Brunch?

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard

While our use of social media platforms is continuously on the rise, our face-to-face communication skillet seems to be declining. For professionals, emails, teleconferences, and text messages often serve as electronic distractions, ultimately inhibiting our direct human interaction. Thus, one of our key goals is to create an environment where people put their phones down and engage in meaningful face-to-face conversations. Additionally, we love weekend brunch! Our favorite meal + new friends + interesting conversations + career development and support + great food = the perfect reasons why YOU should be at our next event.

Our Mission

Brunch of Professionals strives to support and empower women from all professional backgrounds through exclusive monthly brunches.

       Our Key Goals and Purpose

  • Support Milwaukee in the effort to retain young professionals
  • Help professionals become acquainted or reacquainted with Milwaukee 
  • Establish a sense of community through a group of like-minded professionals
  • Promote professional career and leadership development
  • Cultivate meaningful personal and professional relationships
  • Uplift and support
  • Foster important conversations regarding current events, social issues, etc.
  • Sample delicious food and drinks at some of Milwaukee’s premier restaurants