Connecting Milwaukee professionals one brunch at a time

Founded in 2015, Brunch of Professionals (“BOP”) is an organization of women from various backgrounds brought together by the love of food and overwhelming desire to reach personal and professional goals. At its core, BoP strives to create meaningful camaraderie between professionals in an effort to support, nurture, and hone the careers of women throughout the Milwaukee area. So what differentiates us from other social and professional organizations in Milwaukee? Like a family or group of old friends, our brunches are kept strategically intimate and our conversations occur over specially curated menus from some of the city’s top restaurants. This gives attendees the chance to go beyond the superficial networking experience and really engage with other attendees. These exclusive brunches offer women (and sometimes men) the opportunity to expand their networks and connect with other people in the community. Brunch attendees also have the chance to support local Milwaukee-area restaurants simply by attending. Our brunches are a great way to informally network with like-minded individuals who are not only hungry for brioche french toast, but also for success.

#BrunchPros are a group of diverse women who desire to excel in their careers, grow their professional networks, and empower and support women, all while exploring and uplifting the beautiful city of Milwaukee. Some of our #BrunchPros include professionals in Human Resources, Medical Research, Engineering, Finance, Graphic Design, Law, Education, Real Estate, and Entrepreneurship! Whether you are just beginning your career or are already well-established, if you’re looking to strengthen your network, try out a new event, or just see what we’re all about, we strongly encourage you to join us at our next event.



Brunch of Professionals strives to support and empower women from all professional backgrounds through exclusive brunches. While our main focus is women, we often host co-ed brunches as well.

Key Goals and Purpose

  • Support Milwaukee in the effort to retain young professionals

  • Help professionals become acquainted or reacquainted with Milwaukee 

  • Establish a sense of community and fellowship with other like-minded professionals

  • Create environments for professionals to share their opinions and ideas in person

  • Promote professional career and leadership development

  • Cultivate meaningful personal and professional relationships

  • Uplift and support those who need it most

  • Foster important conversations regarding current events, social issues, and educational ideas

  • Support and promote local businesses

  • Indulge in delicious food and drinks at some of Milwaukee’s top-rated restaurants

Why Brunch?

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard

A better question is, why not? In some ways, social media has curbed our appetite for regular person-to-person interactions. For young professionals, it may often seem as if you are drowning in a sea of endless emails, teleconferences, and text messages, causing you to forget the importance of face-to-face relationship building and communication. Contrary to popular belief, interpersonal skills remain as important as ever before, even in the digital age. With this in mind, one of our key goals is to facilitate environments where people put down their phones and engage in meaningful, face-to-face conversations. Another reason why we brunch - because who doesn’t love weekend brunch?! Milwaukee continues to be an underrated foodie gem, and we intend to expose attendees to the beauty and deliciousness of the city. Appetizing brunch options, connecting with friends old and new, all while engaging in fun conversations centered around professional growth and development? Why WOULDN’T you want to join us at our next event?! We can’t wait to see you. :-)